Ultra Precision Machining of Beryllium, Aluminum Beryllium, and other Exotic Metals

Company History

LA Gauge in the 1950s LA Gauge in the 1970s LA Gauge in the 1970s The LA Gauge team in the 1970s LA Gauge today The LA Gauge team today

L.A. Gauge was founded in 1954 as a precision gauge manufacturer. It soon expanded into gauge tolerance production parts, exotic metal and ceramic parts. In 1968, we designed and constructed our current primary 30,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility that includes environmental controls for ultra precision measurement and handling of exotic metals. In 2007, we expanded our capabilities by adding a metal optics polishing department.

L.A. Gauge's plant was designed specifically for handling Beryllium and other exotic materials. The facility has a working Metrology Laboratory with temperature and humidity controls, and a Class 100 Laminar Flow Clean Room for LOX cleaning, assembly and packaging solutions.

Now celebrating over 55 years of operation, L.A. Gauge is an innovator in lean manufacturing practices and is the one-stop-shop for the tightest machining requirements of America's leading aerospace firms.

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